Before CAR Central, selling your car or even swapping it was a daunting task.

Let me paint the picture for you…

You finally come to a conclusion that you need to sell off your car, hmm..

Where do you start, probably you call a friend you know has some experience in car sales, and if he helps out, he will pass the word around that “car…is on sale….at …. Price”.

If all goes well, maybe you will sell your car that way and of course giving your dear friend some commission as well.

If that does not work you could let your inner circle know about the car your selling and at what price as well, definitely you could reach out to about 100 people of your inner circle, if all goes well you could sell as well. The other way is to take it to the car dealer who will offer you a very low price for your car, out of desperation you could choose to let your beautiful car go for peanuts since you needed the money anyway!

With all that unnerving car selling experience you never sell at your desired price but rather go through a dismaying, unclear process with losing money to brokers and commission!

Ladies and gents put all that in the past, get some popcorn and put your feet on the table. You do not have to hustle any more nor lose money on your sell or even make enemies with friends because of your car sell.

The solution is here to get your car sold fast and conveniently, get the buyers call your directly with no brokers make your SELL like a BOSS.

CAR Central

CAR Central is an online platform that enables you sell your car and at the same time empowers those looking to buy cars as well.

Selling your car is this simple,

1. Take full detailed pictures of your car (You could also have a video on you as well).

2. Log on to

3. Click “SELL CAR

4. Fill in all your car details and attach photos as well.

5. If you are a first-time user, you will have to Sign Up with your details.

6.Finally press “PAY PER LISTING

7. You will pay a monthly listing fee of 30,000/= and you are sorted.

8.Your car is sold.

Your car will be listed on Uganda’s No. 1 Car Website

1. You will be able to monitor how many people have seen your car,

2. The buyers will call you directly (meaning no brokers at all)

3. You will get E-mails and SMS alerts in case someone is interested in your car.

4. You get a reach of more than 5 million online users on CAR Central website, so the offers you get will be competitive from several interested buyers.

5. And while your car is listed for sale on CAR Central you get to still use it for your daily errands! No need to park it somewhere or give it to someone to sell it for you.

How great is this? CAR Central the best way for you to sell your car.

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