By Carcentral Editor

The consumption of second-hand cars has evolved, from the first car in Uganda a 1906 Albion 16HP engine car manufactured by Albion Motors in the 20th century, owned by sir Hesketh Bell a Ugandan governor in around 1908. To Sekabakka Daudi Chwa who is said to have been the first Ugandan to own a car, a 1910 Straker Squire Mark 1 car. Car ownership has evolved in Uganda from a time when cars were only owned by whites or imported by the government to transport its officials, to now having over 20,000 vehicles being bought annually.

With the growing population in Uganda and the need for people to get to work on time, the demand for personal cars is increasing. We have all had the opportunity to use public transport and we have all experienced the misgiving of this means of transport. With the bumpy roads, careless taxi drivers, the heavy traffic packaged with thatmaaso awo phrase that I always dread especially if I am in a hurry, it is just a matter of time before one gets agitated.

The only logical solution would be to purchase a personal car. However, to make the right decision one must know the kind of car they want, but not only that they should know the kind of car that is fuel-friendly and one that will be able to be less of a burden and more of a problem solver. All this, while considering the individual’s tastes and preferences and not forgetting the distance the car is going to cover daily.

Car central thrives to be part of that journey by making car purchasing accessible for both the buyer and seller of motor cars. In a competitive space, we know that there are several people that genuinely struggle to get the good second-hand cars of their dreams, and so with this platform, we aim to bring the purchasing power to your doorstep.

Since transport fares have escalated due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the lockdown throughout the whole country and the fear some people may have of being infected with the disease through public transportation there is a much-needed gap that car central seeks to fill up. So, let us into your homes and we shall make the purchase of your dream car an enjoyable, informative and worth it experience.

Drive your passion.