Uganda’s 15 year car import policy, good or bad…

Any nation with an aim of moving forward definately needs policy, and for sure good policy as well.

Lets go 10 years back, you could really import any model of car into Uganda, infact you could even import a 1980 model car.

And by driving this really old car, what do you really get? I know;

Safety features like airbags, seatbelts were not so much of a necessity..

The engines probably used caburators and manual gear shifts mostly.

Basically the technology was 1980…and coming to think about it, even model 2000 cars are not that good of a deal, in terms of safety, carbon emissions, reliability and durability.

And guess what….we were so much locked onto importing these really old cars…ohh yes they were really cheap to import and the nature of the car taxation system in Uganda, they actually paid less tax.. now thats why weve risked our lives, because we want to go cheap…

But last year Government had a hail mary moment..someone from parliament must have flown to europe and noticed how we are so much bent on old cars and came back to challenge things here…

The 15year importation policy was passed….hmmmmmmm

is it good???

Well right now we import newer cars into the country, meaning as of today the oldest model you would import is 2005… I wonder what this range of cars come with.

Well seatbelts I would guess, you get airbags, not even just airbags, they are almost putting the airbags even under your seats….basically safety is paramount

The engines have been revised, vvti, mivec etc…fine tuned to be more efficient and consume less fuel..

And lets not forget carbon emissions, well by the fact that they pass the PVOC/JEVIC inspection…they are definately better cars to be around.

Having come to my senses now…I confirm that the 15year car import policy is a good move for all car lovers out there…

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